Just About the Billionth Blog I’ve Attempted.

I have tried blogs in the past, but none of them really had any substance. They were kind of a free-form, story of my life. And I guess this will be that way too…in a sense.

While I was in Ukraine, I became a self-proclaimed deep thinker. My mind is always racing. It is always looking for ways to get something out of every situation. I also started keeping a journal for the first time in my life, which helped with that. Having been home for four months, I realized that I need a way to put my thoughts out there in an easy way that sometime down the road my kids/grandkids/pets if they ever learn to read can see what went on in my life. And blogging is the trendy cool thing to do.

This blog will be about my life. But mostly, it will be about how being a Mormon has affected my life. In an effort to look for the good in my own life and to see how the church has blessed every aspect of it, you will hear about everything under the sun. From school, to sports, to business, etc.

While not every post will be about that, the really “meaty” ones will be.

I am still ironing out the thought that is running through my head for my first real post, but you can expect it sometime later today.

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  1. Emma Strong
    2012 days ago

    I like it!

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