• Control all processes related reporting structures within the organization
  • Define, spec and build reports for executives
  • Oversee all training for reporting metrics to focus the company on KPIs
  • Reporting has played an integral part to decision making leading to 20%+ month over month growth.


SkyCentral Corporation

  • Develop KPIs for customer acquisition and prepare for launch
  • Oversee all marketing plans and content creation
  • Locate & manage teams of developers, QA & animators located in Eastern Europe & India, cutting costs by over 70%
  • Oversee marketing & sales of a self-service IT portal as well as a steady-state CRM.
  • Manage all accounts for both an IT portal and CRM software – often recovering strained relationships.
  • Work with strategic partners to improve lead generation & increase revenue.



  • Produce guide materials and walkthroughs for client implementation, manage support helpdesk.
  • Oversee customer support group via Facebook, encouraging clients to work with each other to find new solutions
  • Receive product feedback and work with developer to find new product implementations and expand product line.


Hilti Group, Moscow, Russian Federation

  • Conduct analysis of Fleet Management Program (FM) and identify KPIs to improve sales performance
  • Develop client presentation materials for FM sales for better demonstrate the advantages of the program.
  • Research Russian market to offer prefabrication service to clients, including pricing and logistics.


BYU Sports Marketing

  • Plan promotional events for the highest attended NCAA Women’s Soccer program in the country
  • Work on film production crew for weekly coach’s show, involving local businesses as sponsors.


Courage to Hope

  • Direct all fundraising campaigns for a battered women’s shelter located in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Reviewed organizational structure and consulted to improve efficiency and volunteer recognition.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Served as a full-time volunteer maintaining 70+ hour work weeks for 2 years in 5 cities in central and southern Ukraine. Worked with individuals and families on literacy, English, addiction. Conducted weekly training meeting for fellow volunteers to improve teaching efficiency and time management. Supervised and audited clerical records in a parish and all volunteers for 10 months.